The ideal cushion can change your rest. Going through over 1,000 evenings testing 118 pads has shown us this: The correct pad for you relies upon your body shape and rest position.

That is the reason our preferred pads—the destroyed froth Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow for side-and back-sleepers and the down-elective Sleep Number Plush Comfort Pillow Ultimate for stomach-sleepers—are adjustable models that let you get the best fit.

The Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow has been a predictable analyzer most loved for its firm, movable help. It’s one of the most agreeable destroyed froth pads we’ve found, and it doesn’t have a persevering issue with rancid froth, as our previous top pick, the Xtreme Comforts pad, does. You can likewise unfasten the Easy Breather’s spread and scoop out as a lot of destroyed froth filling as important to get your optimal space; it very well may be a muddled procedure, yet it lets you accomplish an exact fit. Home Bedding offers a 30-day merchandise exchange and a two-year guarantee on the Easy Breather, one of the most limited return and guarantee windows among our picks, however that still gives you a lot of time to check whether the Easy Breather is the correct pad for you.

This Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow Ultimate is the main adjustable down-elective pad we’ve at any point tried, and it’s optimal for stomach-sleepers who make some hard memories finding the correct stature. (“Down other option” is cushioned fill, generally polyester or rayon, that copies the vibe of down yet costs significantly less.) Most pads we’ve attempted come in delicate, medium, or firm densities, yet the PlushComfort Ultimate remembers every one of the three alternatives for one pad: It offers three fixed, removable layers of fill to assist you with getting the best fit for your body shape.

The vast majority of our analyzers (even some back-and side-sleepers, who for the most part incline toward destroyed froth) found an agreeable stature and delighted in the padded help of the PlushComfort Ultimate. In the event that it doesn’t work for you, Sleep Number allows you 30 days to trade it. Rest Number gives a five-year guarantee on its pads—perhaps the best guarantee among the pads we prescribe.

The Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow Ultimate is one of the loftiest destroyed froth cushions we’ve tried, however three fixed, removable layers inside make it simpler to modify than some other we attempted. It’s like the Sleep Number PlushComfort Ultimate however utilizes destroyed froth rather than down other option. (Try not to mistake this cushion for the SleepNumber ComfortFit Pillow Classic, another destroyed froth pad we attempted that isn’t movable.) We believe it’s the best alternative for side-and back-sleepers who aren’t sure how much space they truly need since it’s tidier to change than the Easy Breather, whose free bunches of froth can be chaotic. Rest Number offers a 30-day trade strategy and a five-year guarantee against deserts, probably the most grounded guarantee among our picks.

In our long stretches of testing, we’ve discovered that down has a quite certain intrigue—in the event that you realize you incline toward it, our stomach-sleepers enjoyed the give and delicateness of the firm-thickness Garnet Hill Signature White Down Pillow superior to anything that of other down cushions we attempted. It’s simpler to shape to your shoulders and neck than other down cushions, for example, the Frontgate Resort Luxury Goose Down Gusseted Pillow. With a lifetime fulfillment ensure, Garnet Hill likewise offers the best return and guarantee arrangement of any of our picks.

We’ve been suggesting the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow since 2016, and it was a top pick in past renditions of this guide, however a few staff members and perusers have as of late detailed that this cushion landed with a remarkably solid substance smell. We tried four Xtreme Comforts cushions in 2019; half of them smelled so horrible, we was unable to find a workable pace, the smell didn’t blur following a little while. (The rest of the pads were scentless.) The Xtreme Comforts has medium space, and you can shape or change the filling to make it agreeable for an assortment of body types and rest positions (even a portion of our stomach-sleepers have truly loved this cushion). It regularly costs a large portion of the cost of the Easy Breather, and the organization offers a one-year merchandise exchange.

Back-sleepers in our tests valued the Premier Down-like Personal Choice Density Pillow (medium), which gave the perfect tallness and backing for some of them and is accessible at a lower cost than the entirety of our different picks. The Premier cushion does not have the pliant help of the Xtreme Comforts pad’s destroyed froth filling, yet it likewise costs much less. In contrast to our different picks, you can’t attempt this pad before submitting—despite the fact that you have a 30-day window to restore the pad, you can’t return it in the event that you’ve utilized it.

Why you should confide in us

Harvest time Whitefield-Madrano burned through several hours examining and resting on cushions for this guide in 2016 and 2017, and furthermore composed Wirecutter’s manual for the best sleeping pad and pad defenders and encasements. Jackie Reeve, Wirecutter’s staff author for bedding, has composed advisers for sheets, covers, duvet spreads, robes, and numerous different classes. Jackie assumed control over this guide in 2018 and 2019, expanding on Autumn’s exploration and directing test boards with in excess of twelve analyzers (counting herself), who have altogether burned through 500 or more hours dozing on these pads.

We bounced into this guide with a multidisciplinary approach, talking with specialists in rest, materials, fabricating, and the bedding business: Shannon Maher, partner teacher of home items advancement at the Fashion Institute of Technology; Terry Cralle, an enrolled attendant and clinical rest instructor; Jennifer Marks, manager in-head of Home Textiles Today; Tim O’Hearn, president and author of Linen Society; Rebecca Robbins, rest expert for The Benjamin Hotel; Sean Bergman, head advertising official of PureCare; Scott Tannen, prime supporter of Boll and Branch; Jamie Diamonstein, prime supporter of Leesa; and Michael Breus, a clinician and American Academy of Sleep Medicine individual.

Step by step instructions to pick a pad for your rest position

“In case you’re not resting just as you should, changing cushions may be that initial step,” said enrolled nurture and clinical rest teacher Terry Cralle. Your cushion might be exhausted (knottiness and clustering can be signs to supplant your pad, aside from with destroyed froth since it’s now knotty), or you may need to reevaluate your body’s needs.

The specialists we met concurred that there’s nobody best cushion for everybody, except there are better pads for you. The perfect pad keeps your head and neck in a similar relative situation as when you’re remaining with acceptable stance. To locate the correct pad, ask yourself what position you stay in bed the vast majority of the night—back, side, or stomach (numerous individuals change things up however for the most part nod off or wake up similarly situated). Various sorts of sleepers have various needs:

Side-sleepers, who rest either in a fetal position or with their bodies moderately straight, need the most cushion support (approximately 4 to 6 inches). As indicated by the not-for-profit National Sleep Foundation, a great many people are side-sleepers.

Back-sleepers ordinarily need to some degree less space to remain appropriately adjusted.

Stomach-sleepers are a trickier pack: If you lay down with your head went to the side and laying on a cushion, you need minimal measure of help. In the event that you fold your arms under your middle, rest in a half-side, half-stomach position, or have delicate bosoms, you may lean toward additionally padding.

A few producers showcase their pads toward back-, stomach-, or side-sleepers explicitly, yet as there are no industry measures about what makes, for instance, a side-sleeper pad versus one for a back-sleeper, by the day’s end these marks are unimportant.


  • Stars: Good neck backing and solace, not made with synthetic compounds, strong, and rich. Stomach-sleepers regularly like that it shape effectively around their head.
  • Cons: Expensive, may trigger hypersensitivities (which a cushion defender can make preparations for), might be unreasonably warm for certain individuals, requires more consideration than different fills, not in every case morally sourced.

Destroyed flexible foam

  • Professionals: Supportive, midrange value, simple to keep up, less sensitivity concerns, and not sourced from creatures. It works for a scope of rest positions on the grounds that the pliable fill effectively alters.
  • Cons: Tends to hold heat, shorter life expectancy, can smell.

Down other option

  • Masters: Good neck backing and solace, lower cost, and not sourced from creatures. Analyzers in all rest positions like that it isn’t excessively solid and remains grandiose.
  • Cons: Less tough and cushy than down.

How we picked

When you’ve recognized your essential rest position and decided the fill you like, the accompanying criteria are critical to picking a cushion that works for you. This is what we searched for in settling on our picks:

  • Solace: We searched for cushions with extraordinary neck bolster that were as yet agreeable following an entire night’s rest and didn’t bundle, roll, or lose their shape in the night. We decided out any cushions that caused overheating and perspiring. We additionally supported pads that were flexible, enabling our analyzers to add or evacuate fill to accommodate their own body shape.
  • Development: We noted when creases were fortified with funneling or authoritative, searched for covers made with delicate, smooth textures, and focused on how conveniently the spreads were sewed. On account of down, we searched for thickly woven texture that wouldn’t allow fill to get away. For adjustable foam cushions, we gave close consideration to any synthetic scents that made the pads unusable.

Merchandise exchange and guarantee: We supported retailers that offered liberal merchandise exchanges (from 30 to 100 days), since it takes a couple of evenings to decide if a pad is a solid match. We expected better quality cushions to accompany a guarantee, which as a rule covers just maker surrenders. Length of

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